September 2018 Zero-Based Budget

September 2018 Zero-Based Budget + A No Eating Out Challenge

It’s a new month which means it’s time for a new budget! Before I share my September 2018 Zero-Based Budget video with you, I want to talk a bit about why I have decided on a no eating out challenge.

Why A ‘No Eating Out Challenge’?

When I looked back at my August budget, I realized that I spent a lot of money on a lot of things. Sure, many of those expenses were planned. But others were either poorly planned or not planned at all.

There was the wedding trip that cost me close to $400 including the gift. Although I really enjoyed the weekend with my family, it was a pretty expensive trip. I bought shoes I didn’t really need, and splurged on a pedicure that I could have done myself. I was a guest, not the bride!

I also went over budget in several categories, including groceries and personal spending. I didn’t meal plan, which hurt my grocery budget because I went to the stores with no list and no plan. I also ate out five times in August. Five times!

Looking back, I could have made better decisions. Although it is important to enjoy life while budgeting and paying off debt, it is equally important to practice self-control and discipline.

I should also acknowledge that I paid an extra $700 toward my student loan and over $800 in my sinking funds. That’s awesome, and I’m proud of myself. But, I am seeing not-so-good spending patterns in my groceries and personal spending and I need to get a handle on that.

So, I’m challenging myself to avoid eating out for the month of September. Not only will I save money, I’ll also be forced to start meal planning again which will, in turn, help me stick to my grocery budget. It’s a win-win situation.

I hope.

Okay, enough chatting. Here is the September 2018 Zero-Based Budget video. Enjoy!


September 2018 Zero-Based Budget

What are your plans for sticking to your budget this month? Have you ever done a no-spend challenge? How did it go?

September 2018 Zero-Based Budget

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  • Tracy

    I tried a no spend challenge and it didn’t go well because I forgot. Once I went to log the expense, I saw that I was doing a no spend challenge. I like that you have the no dining out challenge. I think that would have been more doable. I also didn’t have rules for myself during my challenge. I didn’t what was acceptable to buy during the challenge.

    • Malika

      Tracy, I can totally relate to forgetting! I’ve actually had to catch myself a few times this month with eating out. I decided to stick to dining out because that is an area that I really don’t need to spend money this month. I think it’s easier than a full on no-spend month. But, those are good too sometimes! Thanks for commenting!

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