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The Pembrook Planner by ALDI: Flip-Through & First Impressions

I don’t know about you, but I love planners!

In late 2018, I purchased the Clever Fox Planner with the intention to use it for all of my planning needs: work schedule, wellness planning, blogging, and daily tasks. I had tried in the past to use multiple planners, but felt like I was doing too much. I convinced myself that I should be able to plan all of my tasks in one good planner.

Needless to say, I was wrong. Very wrong.

I quickly realized that, although the Clever Fox Planner is great, it was not going to work for all the things that I do on a routine basis.

So, I pulled out an undated Happy Planner that I purchased quite some time ago, and added it to my planner collection. I started using the Clever Fox Planner for work tasks only, and the Happy Planner for everything else. That is, until I went to my favorite store, ALDI, and rediscovered the Pembrook Planner!

ALDI’s Pembrook Planner comes in a large variety of beautiful designs that fit many tastes and preferences. Like the popular Happy Planner, the Pembrook Planner comes in an hourly, vertical, and horizontal layout.

I wasn’t even looking for a third planner (because who needs 3 planners, right??). When I walked into ALDI on New Years Eve 2018, there they were, neatly stacked among all of the discounted Holiday items: the 2019 Pembrook Planner collection.

I wasn’t new to this planner, as I previously purchased the hourly layout for 2018 (view my YouTube flip-through video here). Sadly, it did not work for me because I am not an hourly planning type of girl. Good news is, this time, I was able to snag the planner in a vertical layout.

ALDI launches the Pembrook planners around the end of December, right before Christmas. By the beginning of the year, they are usually sold out. Before I share the pros and cons of the 2019 Pembrook Planner, here’s my YouTube video planner walk-through:

2019 Pembrook Planner Flip-Through

2019 Pembrook Planner: First Impressions

Now that you’ve seen a flip-through of the planner, I’d like to share a few of my first impressions, including the planner’s pros and cons.


  • The price! At just $7.99 (the price may vary at different ALDI locations), you can’t go wrong with this planner.
  • Three sheets of decorative and functional stickers for customization
  • Equal space for weekends. I hate when planners only have a small space for weekend planning, as I tend to have just as many tasks on weekends as I do on weekdays
  • The extra notes pages in the back of the planner provide lots of space for additional planning


  • Because the planner is an ALDI seasonal item, it is not available for very long. Once it sells out, you can’t find it again until the end of the year
  • The planner pages are not removable for easier planning. I’ve been spoiled by the super customizable Happy Planner!
  • The planner is quite large and not as portable as the Clever Fox Planner. I work primarily from home, so this isn’t much of an issue for me.

What Kind Of Planner Are You Using?

Overall, I am happy with the 2019 Pembrook Planner. I love the price, functionality, and layout and I am very excited to dive into it to plan my content creation tasks.

Have you ever heard of the Pembrook Planner? What kind of planner are you using?

The Pembrook Planner by ALDI

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