August 2018 Zero-Based Budget: A Look Back

Hello everyone!

I hope your August 2018 budgeting went well. If it didn’t go as planned, I hope you learned things that you can do differently for September 2018.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my monthly zero-based budgets with you since I started my financial independence journey in July 2018. If you’ve been following these posts, you might be wondering what happened in August??

No, I haven’t fallen off the budgeting wagon! I created an August budget and actually published several videos about it on my YouTube channel.

I am really enjoying using the One Big Happy Life budgeting spreadsheet. It has helped with streamlining my budget because I am able to see everything at a glance – my income, expenses, savings and debt.

As a matter of fact, I have decided that, from now on, I will share my monthly budget plans and progress with you in video form on my YouTube channel. As much as I love to write, I think you’ll also find it much easier to follow than blog posts. In case you’re not subscribed to the channel, I’ll be sure to post the videos here on the blog as well.

Of course, I’ll continue to share blog posts with advice and tips on saving money and paying off debt!

Without further adieu, here are my August 2018 Zero-Based Budget videos. I’ll share my reflections below after the videos. Enjoy!


August 2018 Zero-Based Budget – The Plan


August 2018 Mid-Month Budget Check-In


August 2018 Zero-Based Budget Report: How Did I Do?


August 2018 Budget Wins

  • August was a 3 paycheck month!
  • I came in under budget in most of my bills categories. I don’t plan to change the budget amounts just yet. I want to give it a few more months to determine my average spending in these categories.
  • The extra paycheck allowed me to make a huge extra payment on the student loan. I was also able to use some of that money for my trip to a wedding, as well as contribute a significant amount to my sinking funds.

August 2018 Budget Mishaps 

  • I was over budget in several of my lifestyle categories
    • Groceries: I didn’t meal plan for most of August, so my grocery trips weren’t well-thought out. I also ended up wasting some of the food I purchased.
    • Household and Personal Care: I probably should have estimated higher in these categories because I knew that I needed to restock these items in August. It wasn’t that I overspent; I under-budgeted my expenses.
    • Personal Spending: this category has replaced my restaurants and fun money categories. I went over quite a bit here. August was a bit of a tough month for me personally, so I may have done a bit of emotional spending. Just being honest!

For the month of August 2018, I came in under budget by $65.44. While I am grateful that my overall budget was under what I planned, I definitely need to be mindful of those categories where I went over.

Thank goodness for new months and fresh starts!

What were your budget wins and mishaps for August 2018? What do you plan to do differently for September and beyond?



August 2018 Zero-Based Budget

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